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Angular Mobile Modules - Material Design for Bootstrap

MDB Angular Modules List

It is possible to import only those modules that you actually use in your application.

MDB Angular Mobile Free Modules:

  • MdbButtonModule,
  • MdbBadgeModule,
  • MdbBtnGroupModule,
  • MdbCardModule,
  • MdbCarouselModule,
  • MdbCollapseModule,
  • MdbCheckboxModule,
  • MdbFooterModule,
  • CheckboxModule,
  • MdbIconModule,
  • MdbInputModule,
  • MdbMaskModule,
  • MdbSwitchModule,
  • MdbTooltipModule,
  • MdbWavesEffectModule,
  • MdbAngularMobileModule - contains all MDB Angular Mobile modules listed above.