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Modules list - Material Design for Bootstrap

MDB Angular Modules List

In 6.1.0 we have made it possible to import only those modules that you actually use in your application.

If you want to learn how to import MDB Angular modules correctly, you can read our guide on importing modules

Important note:

If you want to use only selected modules, please use the names given below.
Important note: If you only import selected modules, do not import the MDBBootstrapModulesPro main module as this may cause errors.
Where .forRoot() method is specified, it's necessary to add it also in imports array.

MDB Angular Free Modules:

  • BadgeModule,
  • BreadcrumbModule,
  • ButtonsModule,
  • CardsModule,
  • CarouselModule.forRoot(),
  • ChartsModule,
  • CheckboxModule,
  • CollapseModule.forRoot(),
  • DropdownModule.forRoot(),
  • IconsModule.forRoot(),
  • InputsModule.forRoot(),
  • InputUtilitiesModule,
  • ModalModule.forRoot(),
  • NavbarModule,
  • PopoverModule.forRoot(),
  • TableModule,
  • TooltipModule.forRoot(),
  • WavesModule.forRoot(),
  • MDBBootstrapModule.forRoot() - contains every MDB Angular Free modules.

MDB Angular Pro Modules:

  • AccordionModule,
  • ToastModule.forRoot(),
  • AutoCompleterModule,
  • AutoFormatModule,
  • AnimatedCardsModule.forRoot(),
  • CardsModule.forRoot(),
  • DatepickerModule,
  • ChartSimpleModule,
  • FileInputModule,
  • CharCounterModule.forRoot(),
  • LightBoxModule,
  • SelectModule,
  • PreloadersModule,
  • RangeModule,
  • ScrollSpyModule,
  • SidenavModule,
  • SmoothscrollModule.forRoot(),
  • StepperModule.forRoot(),
  • StickyContentModule,
  • TabsModule.forRoot(),
  • ChipsModule,
  • TimePickerModule,
  • MDBBootstrapModulePro.forRoot() - contains every MDB Angular Pro modules,
  • MDBBootstrapModulesPro.forRoot() - contains MDBBootstrapModule and MDBBootstrapModulePro modules.